James R. Williams

Jim has served for more than 30 years in the utility operations industry, with more than 20 years of that as a full time trainer and training manager.  He is an acknowledged authority on wastewater treatment operations skills and has authored computer-based training materials to support training for operator certification in Canada.  Jim holds certification in all four utility operating categories in Ontario.

Geoff Slater

Geoff is a working Manager in the water/wastewater industry with a long and successful career beginning as the operator of a single-operator municipal system some 30 years ago. Geoff holds licenses in all four operations categories.  

Don Plouffe 

Don has more than 25 years of diversified experience in utility operations, and utility operations training.  He is the working Chief Operator of one of Ontario's municipal drinking water treatment plants for more than 17 years and was previously a machine operator and senior water distribution operator for 8 years. 

Donís rich experience in water supply process, maintenance and water quality issues has been broadened with the conversion of his system to SCADA operation.  With detailed knowledge of the complete supply system, Don is a valuable member of Tangibleís water training team.

Donís detailed experience of the complete supply system from raw water to consumer plumbing  and his patient training delivery style make him a favourite with operators.

Don holds operator certification in all four licence categories.

Tom Alkema

Recently-retired after a career of more than 35 years in the water/wastewater operations industry, Tom is a valuable addition to our team this year.

Tom is a legend in the utility operations industry.  As a problem-solver and startup advisor for some of the best-known engineering consultants in the industry, Tom has coached a huge number of the past and present operators in Ontario and throughout Canada.  Tomís depth of experience and his seemingly infinite patience has helped many water and wastewater systems to overcome serious process  problems.  As the startup advisor for consultant engineers, he has been onsite as many of Ontarioís new water and wastewater facilities, expansions, and renovations were started up and commissioned.  Many an operator has learned the value of a lifeline to Tom during startup.

Tomís diverse experience and depth of knowledge in the water/wastewater industry serves him well as a patient and thorough instructor in all four licence categories.